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Take a breath,
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Take a breath,
your animal
can breathe
Take a breath,
your animal
can breathe
Our products

Valved holding chamber for animals

Discover the valved holding chamber AnimHal® Cat and MinimHal® Vet for the treatment of respiratory diseases of animals.
Photo of MinimHal Vet mounted with both caps up and connected to a metered dose inhaler and nebulizer

MinimHal Vet

Inhalation chamber for mechanical ventilation
AnimHal Cat with a metered dose inhaler

AnimHal Cat

Valved holding chamber for cat
The laboratory
Innovation & Quality
OptimHal-ProtecSom is a Norman research SME (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) which designs and manufactures in France medical devices for the lung deposition of medicine, asthma and allergy.
AnimHal Cat inhalation chamber notice

How to use AnimHal® Cat

The correct use of a valved holding chamber is essential to ensure the effectiveness of inhaled treatments.
Cleaning the AnimHal Cat inhalation chamber

Maintenance & Cleaning

A proper maintenance of your inhalation chamber is essential to ensure a successful delivery of your treatment on a day to day basis.
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