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24 January 2022

Bronchitis in Cats

Accueil News Bronchitis in Cats

Cat bronchitis, like bronchitis in humans, is an inflammation of the respiratory system that affects the bronchial tubes, the ducts that carry inspired air from the trachea to the lungs. This pathology is quite common and can affect all cats, regardless of their age or physical condition. Thus, it is important to learn to distinguish the symptoms of bronchitis and to consult a veterinarian as soon as the first symptoms appear.

One pathology, two types

The main symptom of feline bronchitis is coughing. This symptom may be a sign of other diseases and even if it’s bronchitis, it may be acute or chronic. Other symptoms should also be considered: breathing difficulties, wheezing, loss of appetite, fatigue, shortness of breath…

Acute bronchitis

This bronchitis in cats is characterized by the same symptoms as chronic bronchitis. The only difference is that it develops rapidly and resolves just as quickly. It’s due to a specific cause, such as an irritant (smoke, dust, insecticide…) or a bacterium.

Chronic bronchitis

Chronic bronchitis, also known as asthmatic or allergic bronchitis, is called chronic because it persists over time. The causes are the same as for acute bronchitis: only the evolution and the importance of the after-effects will differ. The main causes are airborne contamination, allergies, poor management of acute bronchitis, etc.

Good treatments

Does your cat have any of the symptoms listed above? It’s important to consult a veterinarian to provide adequate care, as untreated or poorly treated bronchitis can worsen the symptoms. The AnimHal Healthcare teams can nevertheless give you some good advice while you are awaiting your consultation.

If your cat suffers from acute bronchitis, and in the case of a condition caused by an irritant, the cause should be identified quickly so that contact between the cat and the irritant can be limited.

Chronic bronchitis, because of its duration, requires long-term care of the cat.

To treat feline bronchitis, there are various forms of treatments: inhaled treatments, antibiotics, etc. The AnimHal Healthcare teams, under the advice of your veterinarian, recommend the use of the AnimHal Cat valved holding chamber to administer an inhaled treatment to your cat.

The AnimHal Cat valved holding chamber optimizes the pulmonary deposition of inhaled medication thanks to its shape, size, and material by delivering the medication directly to the area to be treated, unlike oral treatments such as antibiotics. The action is quicker, the quantity of medication to be administered is reduced, thus limiting the risk of side effects, especially with the help of a mask perfectly optimized for the cat’s muzzle.

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